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Yoga & High Intensity Interval Training

YOHIIT is a combination of Yoga & High Intensity Interval Training that gives you the best of both worlds. A dynamic exercise and fastest way to weight loss, YOHIIT also improves flexibility and endurance. You will walk out feeling inspired and alive with a combination of power and calm! YOHIIT -- a complete full-body workout BLAST!

Dom is the YOHIIT Founder and Head Coach. He is an International wellness coach and health advocate, ultra endurance athlete and yoga instructor.


Ultra endurance athlete, celebrity yoga teacher, and sought after guest motivational speaker, DOM is an 18 year practitioner of hatha yoga, bringing a high level of technical expertise, anatomical knowledge, and mental strength conditioning to every class. DOM is also founder of the dynamic exercise program YOHIIT.

Benefits of YOHIIT:
YOHIIT is a complete workout, activating every major system of the body. Few other training programs are as comprehensive, engaging, and FUN! When people finish a YOHIIT class, not only do they feel AWAKE and energised, they also know exactly how they've used their bodies and what benefits they are getting. Real value for your time and money!


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