August 23, 2017

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January 6, 2017

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Healthy Aspects of a Vegan Diet

April 16, 2017

With all the antibiotics found in todayís meat products, as well as things such as fillers, additives, and chemicals, many individuals are considering making the switch to a vegan diet. 


Of course, when making any kind of change, all aspects of that change need exploring. There are many healthy aspects of a vegan diet.


* In earlier days, vegan diets consisted of only vegetables. This is not the case today, however. Vegan diets now include meat-free items such as veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs. Some companies are now developing vegetarian products such as "steak strips" or "chicken nuggets."


* Going out to eat for a vegetarian used to be a cause for concern. Variety was non-existent or limited at best. Today, however, almost every restaurant has a complete vegan menu from which to choose.


* Studies have shown that eating a diet that is high in animal fats can lead to several diseases such as a higher risk of cancer and diabetes. Vegan diets exclude animal by-products, thereby eliminating these risks.


* Articles have appeared showing that eating a diet that is based on plants can reduce the risk and possibly even reverse progression of chronic illnesses.


* Vegan diets have been shown to reduce cholesterol.


* Vegan diets can be high in protein through eating foods such as nuts and beans.


* Fiber is an extra-added bonus of the vegan diet as many vegetables are naturally high in fiber.


* Another positive aspect of a vegan diet is the mental health benefit, so to speak. Vegans do not use or wear anything that is based on an animal by-product. For example, a true vegan does not purchase leather, some types of makeup and fur. This gives a vegan the feeling that they are positively contributing to a cause.


* Lower blood pressure, risk of heart disease, and lower cholesterol are all healthy side effects of a vegan diet.


* Vitamins such as C and E as well as magnesium, iron and folic acid are found in plant-based foods in a vegan diet.


* Lower saturated fat, a lower obesity rate, and fewer calories are also benefits of a vegan diet.


As you can see, a plant-based vegan diet has many benefits for your health. Vegan diets also have the added bonus of variety. There are so many combinations of soy-based products and vegetables as well as meat-like foods such as veggie patties to keep you healthy and satisfied in your vegan endeavors.



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