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Dance like no one's watching

Health starts with getting your body moving. That in itself can be a challenge considering the sedentary nature of office life. If going to the gym feels daunting - just plain boring, maybe you need something different to break up your routine. Introducing First Light, brought to Hong Kong by the fabulous GJ. What is it, you ask? We'll let GJ do the talking:

What is First Light?

Basically you wake up early, dance, then go about your day. It's like clubbing without the alcohol.

Every First Light session has two elements: dancing and a wellness activity. The wellness element varies each time. It can be anything from Qigong, a gong bath, crystal bowl sound healing, group meditations, many different things.

Why dance in the dark?

I had tried dancing in the dark before and loved it. There's something very freeing about having a space to move your body to the music however you like with no one watching.

The dark takes away inhibitions, especially for people like me who are not great at dancing. At First Light, all the fear is taken away. You just don’t care. And you become more confident in yourself.

First Light is about breaking down barriers. We all limit ourselves, usually in fear of what others think of us. This offers freedom from all that. It's also a unique opportunity to connect with other people by having an unconventional experience together.

Oh and don't worry, it's not so dark that you can't see anything at all. You can see silhouettes so you won't bump into each other, but you don't really see faces and facial expressions.

Why wake up early to dance?

The nice thing about doing it first thing in the morning is that your day starts on a high note. You feel energised, refreshed and ready for anything.

"It's like resetting and upgrading my mental self." - James Taylor

Dancing, in any shape or form, gets your body moving and your heart pumping. The health benefits are endless, and not just physical. You get comfortable in your own skin. You feel more positive too.

The best part is, you don't get a hangover afterwards. There's no smoke, no broken glass on the floor, no hitting on each other. You can burn calories in a totally fun way, without your lungs and liver taking a hit.

Who is it for?

First Light is for everyone.

It's for people who have stressful lives and need an outlet to express themselves.

It's for people who say they can't dance.

It's for people who want an enjoyable cardio workout.

It's for people who are up for something different.

It's for people in need of an energy boost.

It's for people who find it hard to wake up. It's a lot easier to wake up and dance than to wake up and go to work.

Some totally let loose from the very first session, and others are happy to just wiggle a little. Some move all over the dance floor, others prefer to stay in their spot. It's all good.

First Light is an escape. It’s an hour and a half just to yourself, like giving a gift to yourself. There’s no one else involved. You just tune into yourself and the music, there are no distractions from your phone or other people. You are just you.

"Total freedom! Good energy before starting the day." - Aurore Blanc

When's the next First Light session?

On Saturday 3 June, First Light is coming to Tung Chung! It's a slightly later start, 8am, and it'll be at a really nice clubhouse, the Visionary. This session will be slightly different in that we'll have a playlist instead of a DJ, so now's the time to get your song requests in!

We'll start with 20 minutes of 5 Rhythms to warm up. I first tried 5 Rhythms a while ago and was instantly hooked. I felt as free as I do at First Light, but in the daylight! It's a kind of guided dancing, but it's really easy - there are no steps to learn. You will be guided to connect with your body and express yourself like never before.

It's going to be awesome, I can't wait!

Register with BookIn,

invite your friends

and get your alarm set.

See you on the dance floor.

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