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My 2017 Checklist

As the annual ritual of composing the new years resolution gets underway, I find myself saying "whats the point?”.

The truth of the matter is this - much of what we say in the days running up to the year end and in the first few weeks of the new year will probably never be remembered, let alone transpire. We can all agree that resolutions are great nuggets for conversation and do make us feel good about ourselves, but the reality is that most of us will fail to make it past mid-January.

Lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes require both conviction and commitment. So, perhaps the most important question that needs to be addressed to ensure success is, who’s going to give you the help you need to get there?

Here's a common list of resolutions. What’s your top pick for 2017?

  • Get quality sleep but wake up early

  • Reduce stress & anxiety: Meditate twice a day, for 20 minutes

  • Become fitter by exercising daily and/or stretch yourself by undertaking a fitness challenge

  • Eat well but eat sensible portions

  • Unapologetically follow your passion and/or do a job you love

  • Show gratitude daily

  • Travel more and see new places

  • Make a difference the best way you know how

  • Feed your mind by reading more

  • Send time with people who inspire you to be better

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