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Satoe Sasaki

Usui Reiki teacher

Profile Satoe Sasaki

Profile Satoe Sasaki

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay

Satoe Sasaki is Japanese traditional Usui Reiki teacher and stretching movements instructor, practicing since 2008 and teaching for 6 years in Hong Kong.

Learning Reiki and Receiving Reiki treatment

To promote awareness about Reiki treatment and Reiki method to people, to assist people understand Japanese traditional Reiki correctly.

Our missions are

 *Feel proud of our palm! 

*Increase number of people who can feel love, peace of mind, connection, life and blessing through Reiki. 

*Raise awareness of Reiki therapy and support different stream of Reiki masters/teachers widely in back ward manner. 

*Promote Japanese Reiki as our traditional culture.

*Contribute to Hong Kong society as providing seminars and sessions to the citizens for improving HK people's health in Body and Mind, quality of life.


Self Stretching movements

By trying our stretching movements, you can increase your energy flow and make your energy in harmony and balance. All the movements are very safe for anybody and accepted by many of those who cannot catch up usual exercise or difficult yoga postures. The movements bring us quick recovery in our body and mind.

Years Of Experience: 10

Has worked and lived in: Hong Kong and Japan

Speaks: English and Japanese

Lives in: Causeway Bay


Students can improve especially the following conditions. 

  •  Mental exhaustion

  •  Stress, frustrations

  •  Pain and Body Stiffness

  •  Negative feeling such as anger, worries, fear.

  •  Lack of energy, low vitality, weak immune system

By learning to practice Reiki on their own, students can improve not only the above points but also mind and body for serlf growth.



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