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BookIn empowers people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle in their city of choice, or while they’re on the move. 


With BookIn, you can list, discover, book and pay for a fitness and wellness provider in your city of choice, at a time that suits you. You can choose from a wide variety of trainers, instructors, and workouts that fit your needs. With the added “Class Chat” function, you can get and stay in touch with your chosen class instructor for “real time” updates. 

Our Values

Everything we do is about supporting you in reaching your health and fitness goal.

- Improvement: We continuously adapt and innovate to bring value to our members and trainers.

- Exemplary Service: We are committed to listening, understanding and responding to your needs and questions.

- Trustworthy: We will conduct our business with honesty and treat all information about our trainers and members with complete confidentiality.

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